Egg Freezing Cost in Melbourne

Egg Freezing Cost in Melbourne: Preserve Your Fertility for the Future

At Egg Freezing Melbourne is a state-of-the-art fertility clinic providing access to world-class treatment and advanced science.

We invest in research to enhance outcomes and deliver advanced evidence-based treatment for your benefit.

The table below gives an estimate of the out-of-pocket expenses for fertility treatment at Egg Freezing Melbourne. It is important to understand that medication costs vary from patient to patient. Exclusive medication discounts are available for “Egg-Freezing Melbourne” patients

Elective Egg Freezing Costs

Medical Egg Freezing

Upfront payment Est. Medicare rebate Out of Pocket PHI cover (dependent on insurer & cover)
Cycle fee $8,624 $5,414 $3,210 Private insurance can provide a further rebate for item 13212 – up to $97
Other costs
Day Hospital bed fee $1,395 Up to 100% can be covered by PHI (depending on level of cover & whether patient has excess)
Anaesthetist $360 – $600 May be eligible for a rebate through PHI & Medicare (capped at max 25% of total cost – $125 – $175)
Medication (estimate) $200 – $300(~$40 per script, covered by PBS)
Ongoing frozen egg storage – beyond first 6 months which is included in cycle fee above $275 every 6 months
Total ~$5.5k

The cost of egg freezing can vary depending on individual. Factors that contribute to the cost include whether the patient is seeking elective egg freezing or medical fertility preservation.

Egg Freezing Medicare Rebates Benefits

Please note that Medicare rebates are available only for medical fertility preservation. It is important to discuss with Dr Daniel Lantsberg during your initial consultation about the distinction between medical fertility preservation and elective fertility preservation and which one is applicable to you

Flexible Payment Options For Freezing Eggs

Melbourne IVF have partnered with Zip Money to help spread the cost of fertility treatment. With a 12 and 24-month interest-free period and flexible payment options, you can choose what works for you.

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